Who Am I?

I’m Mathilde, aka Mat’s Mind, a French contemporary artist. My art journey began in Laos in 2020: far from social distraction and societal influence, I spent most of my time painting while walking on my spiritual path. A new passion emerged, I decided to express my true self through art with the influence and inspiration of my travels.

Through my artworks and the messages behind, I aim to raise consciousness and explore the divine around and within us.

Welcome to my creative mind! 

Each of my artworks represents my perception of the world, the energies that surround me, and the well-being I wish to share with others. They are a reminder to reconnect with one's inner joy and spirit while finding the courage to pursue one's aspirations.

My objective is not just to paint, but to use art as a medium to convey a message: a message from the heart, which aims to uplift your soul, help you shine, and remind you of who you truly are. It's a message of unconditional love and a call to return to oneself. ♥

I usually paint with my instinct without necessarily picturing what I will do next; I trust and let myself be driven by my energies and soul so they can, later on, be immortalized. 

 « Master your mind to unlock the power of your creativity »